Keeping Bugs Out of Your Cat’s Tent: Easy Tips

So, you’ve set up your cat tent, and your fluffy buddy is all set for some outdoor fun. But wait, what’s that buzzing around? Yep, insects can be real party crashers in your cat’s cozy spot.


No worries, though. We’ve got some essential bug-busting tips to make your cat’s outdoor experience bug-free and comfy.

Pick the right spot

Before you even pitch your cat tent, choose a bug-friendly location. Stay away from areas near still water, dense bushes, or bug hotspots.

Mesh Matters

Go for a cat tent with top-notch mesh windows and doors. Make sure the mesh is fine enough to keep even the tiniest bugs out.

Zip It Up

Always zip up the doors and windows when your cat is chilling inside. It’s the simplest way to keep bugs out. Teach your cat to use the zipper, or be ready to lend a hand.

Bug-Off Sprays

Think about using natural bug repellents around the tent’s edges. Lemon eucalyptus oil, citronella, or lavender can shoo insects away without bothering your cat. Just make sure they’re safe for your feline friend.

Extra Screens

If your cat’s tent doesn’t have fine mesh screens, you can add them to the windows and doors. An extra layer helps keep bugs from sneaking in.

Dim the lights

Bright lights are like bug beacons. If you need some illumination near the tent at night, go for yellow or orange bulbs. Bugs aren’t as drawn to them.

Keep it clean

Bugs love food crumbs and spills. So, clean up any mess inside the tent right away. Give the tent a regular scrub to keep any tasty smells at bay.

Cat-Friendly Bug Spray

Some bug sprays are designed to keep bugs off cats when they’re outside. Check with your vet to find one that suits your furry friend.

Tent Check-Up

Before every adventure, give your cat’s tent a once-over. Look for holes or rips in the mesh. If you spot any, fix ’em up quick to keep bugs out.

Bug Patrol

Before your cat enters the tent, do a quick bug check. Get rid of any creepy crawlies you find so your cat doesn’t freak out.

Stash your tent right

When you’re not using it, store your cat tent in a cool, dry spot. Keep it away from moisture and critters, so it’s ready for your next outing.

Tidy the Area

Keep the space around your cat tent clean. Trim tall grass, get rid of weeds, and clear away any standing water nearby.


With these tips, you’ll create a bug-free zone for your cat in their outdoor tent. You’ll both enjoy a worry-free adventure with comfort and safety in mind. Happy tenting!